The Cinema Europa: back to the origins

Il Cinema Ritrovato guides us every year to the re-discovery of the origins of cinema, but in this edition it also makes us rediscover its origins as a Festival, bringing us back to the theater where it was born 36 years ago.

The Cinema Europa, in the characteristic district of Bologna named Pratello, returns one of the places dedicated to screenings of the “cinephiles’ heaven”. It will no longer be the only theater of the Festival, as in 1986, but one among the seven theaters and, in general, among the fourteen venues that will host screenings and events almost continuously – a demonstration of how over the years cinema, and Il Cinema Ritrovato, have spread throughout the city.

For this edition of the Festival, the Cinema Europa, in the evenings, will host the programme of Pratello Pop, a sub-section of Recovered and Restored focusing on the new pleasures of cinephilia through seven eccentric, passionate and visionary films by Cameron Menzies, Russell, Argento, Waters, Damiano, Cronenberg and Lynch. 

In the name of these cult movies to rediscover, the return of Il Cinema Ritrovato to its origins could not be more disruptive.