It has happened every year for 35 years. As Il Cinema Ritrovato ends, we think that there is no way we could stage a better event than the one that just ended. Yet every time, magic happens. Looking through the pages of our programme, you will realise how rich the offering of our 35th edition is – our second festival during the pandemic. Restorations, masterpieces, rarities, meetings, events. The numbers are in, and this year we are screening 426 films. Bringing them to the screen in Bologna would have been impossible without the commitment and passion of everyone and without the precious contribution of so many colleagues and friends from all over the world: 89 public and private institutions from 27 different countries.

Film history has never been as abundant and lively as it is today. Never before have archives been so active, giving us such a rich heritage of images, which allow us to get to know the past as if it were the present. Il Cinema Ritrovato is the place where this alchemy takes place, where the cinema of the past enters into the present. If so many interesting and beautiful films were produced in the past, we can only be optimistic about the future.

Emboldened by this optimism we added extra viewing venues (ten in total, including our magnificent screen in Piazza Maggiore, the brand new LunettArena and Arena del Sole), just as we did last year to meet Covid social distancing and safety requirements. We hope that this way as many people as possible can participate in the collective ritual of film screenings and experience the magic of cinema with us.


The Musicians

Il Cinema Ritrovato is also one of the great international festivals of silent cinema. Rediscovering silent cinema, bringing it to new life, also means rediscovering, reconstructing, improvising and composing the music that accompanies it. As always, the best musicians of silent cinema as well as recognised young talent come to Bologna from all around the world. Their personal search for that magical harmony or the perfect tension between image and music are some of the reasons that make every viewing at Il Cinema Ritrovato, a unique and special one.


DVD Jury Awards

The award aims to encourage and give visibility to quality home entertainment Dvd and Blu-Ray from around the world. The competition is open to Dvd and Blu-ray released between March 2017 and February 2018 of important films made before 1988 (at least thirty years ago) and thus generally in line with the festival’s theme. The awards are divided into five categories: Best Dvd/Blu-ray (The Peter Von Bagh Award), Best Single Release, Best Special Features (bonus), Best Rediscovery of a Forgotten Film, Best Series/Best Box.


Cineteca di Bologna Trailer





This year too, a team of film critics headed by Roy Menarini will cover the festival with daily news, interviews, editorials and reviews. A group of young cinephiles, ranging from 16 to 20 years old, will join the editorial board of Cinefilia Ritrovata. Their best contributions will be published on-line