Curated by Schermi & Lavagne

This year, once again, the educational department of the Cineteca di Bologna, Schermi e Lavagne, will present a rich programme of screenings, workshops and events aimed at young audiences, who will be granted access with a special accreditation.
We will pay homage to Fusako Yusaki, an undisputed master of plasticine stop-motion animation who is Japanese-born but Italian by adoption and has been active since the 1960s in adverts, shorts, music videos and TV programmes, for which she created timeless characters like the puppy Peo and the endearing aliens Naccio and Pomm.
Also on show for young cinephiles are the 12 episodes of Le più belle fiabe del mondo, the historic animated series produced by Radiotelevisione svizzera, Swiss public television, directed by Victor Tognola and with the priceless contribution of Adelchi Galloni.
This year we again reserve a special space for international festivals: Annecy, the most important animation festival in the world, and Clermont-Ferrand, the traditional showcase for international short films.
Our collaboration with European film archives is an essential part of the Cinema Ritrovato Kids programme: for our young audiences, the Cinemateca Portuguesa and the Národní filmový archiv in Prague have selected various shorts from the past and present, which provide a testament to the rich animation tradition in their respective countries and to the work of filmmakers such as Regina Pessoa, Pedro Serrazina, Hermína Týrlová and Břetislav Pojar.
Il Cinema Ritrovato Kids branches out into different parts of the city: aside from the Cineteca’s own spaces and regular offsite locations such as the Giardino del Guasto and the Serre dei Giardini Margherita, several screenings will take place in the Giardino del Ghisello, the Centro per bambini e famiglie Tasso Inventore and the Sala Centofiori.
The Cinema Ritrovato Young group, which comprises about 20 teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19, will present an overview of titles selected from the festival programme, around which they will produce video clips, film reviews and interviews with special guests and the public.
There will also be opportunities for reflection on the part of adult audiences. We will present A scuola di cinema, a project on audiovisual education organised by the Cineteca di Bologna as part of the Piano Nazionale Cinema e Immagini per la Scuola; CinEd, a European project organised by the Cinemateca Portuguesa; schemes organised by the Annecy festival. Last but not least, a masterclass on animation curated by Cartùn APS in honour of Giannalberto Bendazzi; and Vedere l’invisibile, an encounter bringing together science and animation in an attempt to recount the mysteries of the universe.