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Exhibition-installation created by Alice Rohrwacher and Muta Imago with Thierry Boutemy and in collaboration with Giancarlo Basili

Inauguration 20 June 2024, the exhibition will be open from 7pm to 10pm (last access at 9pm)
Open until 30 June 2024

Open daily: 10am-8pm (last access at 7.30pm)

Free admission with prior booking


Last year Alice Rohrwacher and Muta Imago (an artistic duo comprised of Claudia Sorace and Riccardo Fazi) created Bar Luna at the Centre Pompidou in Paris: an exhibition conceived as both a journey and as a bar from which to admire the Earth from a different perspective. Now they have reunited to re-imagine a brand new version of the exhibition designed specifically for the underground space of the Cinema Modernissimo. Having entered through a normal, old-fashioned kitchen, visitors will suddenly find themselves in the midst of a star-studded sky in the centre of which stands the memory of an old, suburban bar. It is the starting point for a journey inspired by the themes and images of Alice Rohrwacher’s cinema, and in particular her latest film La chimera, which is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Euridices: what should we make of our past? What are our roots?


From Thursday 20/06/2024
To Sunday 30/06/2024