Mereghetti’s highlights_Thursday June 26th

A column by the film critic Paolo Mereghetti who will present his personal highlights every day, with the festival’s program in hand. It is to be trusted! Watch the video:

For convenience, we would like to underscore all of Mereghetti’s personal highlights with a link to the film synopsis of each film.

• at 9.00 AM, Cinema Jolly: IN OLD CHICAGO by Henry King
• at 9.00, Cinema Arlecchino: DESTRY RIDES AGAIN by George Marshall
• at 11.15 AM, Cinema Jolly: AN-NIL FI AL-HAYAT / AL-NAS VA AL-NIL by Youssef Chahine
• at 2.30 PM, Auditorium – DAMSLab: A BIGGER SPLASH by Jack Hazan
• at 4.15 PM, Cinema Jolly: TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY by Felix E. Feist
• at 6.15 PM, Cinema Arlecchino: I CLOWNS di Federico Fellini
• at 6.30 PM, Auditorium – DAMSLab: PARLANDO DI BERNARDO
• at 6.45 PM, Sala Scorsese: LANG IS DER VEG by Herbert Fredersdorf, Marek Goldstein
• at 9.45 PM, Cinema Jolly: BAB AL-HADID by Youssef Chahine
• at 9.45 PM, ROMA di Federico Fellini