Il Cinema Ritrovato… Film gauges galore!

Super8 & 16mm – Great Small Gauges. After two years of presenting exclusively short 16mm films, we are about to expand the view on small gauge filmmaking. An important part of this year’s selection is formed by long-form work, where small-gauge film stock has been used extensively.
Moreover, Super8, a format which rarely finds its way into a movie theatre, is also included. The section presents pure cinematic miniatures of Helga Fanderl in a programme curated by the Super8 artist herself, lyrical documentary landscapes and cityscapes by Annik Leroy and an anti-ethnographic essay by Trinh T. Minh-ha. As an extra, the session with the wondrous Archeoscope, an ‘all gauges’ machine built and operated by Jan Kulka, will allow you to experience the magic of analogue projection, not of a film strip, but of salt, lace, dust and more.
Curated by Karl Wratschko and Mariann Lewinsky.

In the gallery below (ph. Lorenzo Burlando), technical rehearsal and performance by Helga Fanderl, Saturday 24th: