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Fabrizio Corallo
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Fabrizio Corallo


Tuesday 27/07/2021


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

This is the story of a great love affair and a long and fertile artistic collaboration. For almost 60 years Vera Pescarolo and the director Giuliano Montaldo have been partners in both life and work. She has been his irreplaceable accomplice in a symbiotic relationship constantly driven forward by a magnificent creative force. A timeless lady and gentleman in conversation, recalling their shared ethical commitment to give life to a cinema that denounced all forms of intolerance and to cultivate a shared existential viewpoint through a happy and constant mechanism of ‘mutual support’.
“Vera and Giuliano spoke at great length of their first meeting, which for Giuliano was like a thunderbolt, and of how their great love grew over time; of their original families and the values that they inspired; of ethical choices and positions taken; of a spirit of adventure and sacrifice; of courage and stubbornness in pursuing their ideas at all costs. And, naturally, of their shared work on the sets of memorable films such as Sacco e Vanzetti, Giordano Bruno, L'Agnese va a morire and the unforgettable TV series Marco Polo. Enchanted, we listened and filmed their stories; when editing, we tried to arrange them according to themes and emotions, aware that this was a unique opportunity to share and absorb so many lessons, delivered with invaluable lightness and disillusionment. Lessons about life, civic commitment, dignity, style, the history of cinema, and the history of Italy. All in a continuous back-and-forth of agreements and disagreements, enthusiasm and indignation, sudden quarrels and reconciliations, which consistently brought Vera and Giuliano back together, more united than ever.” (Fabio Corallo)

Cast and Credits

Scen.: Fabrizio Corallo. F.: Tommaso Lusena de Sarmiento. M.: Federico Barassi. Int.: Vera Pescarolo, Giuliano Montaldo, Elisabetta Montaldo, Inti Carboni, Nirmala Neranjanie. Prod.: Gianluca Cannizzo per Cannizzo Produzioni, Rai Cinema. DCP