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Alexandre Volkoff

Piano accompaniment by

Antonio Coppola


Monday 26/06/2023


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

Julien Villandry owns a textile industry managed by Henri Corradin, his childhood friend. Both men are in love with Régine de Bettigny, who offers her hand to Villandry. Eaten alive with jealousy, Corradin does everything in his power to separate the couple, even causing his rival to be arrested for a crime he did not commit. However, in the end the old friends manage to come together again. Not long ago, serial films had no fiercer opponent than myself. I would run from the theaters where they were shown, and I deliberately refused to see even one of the countless parts of the countless adventures that make up this film. Undeniably, after some time, something changed. Certain directors, among those whom I admire the most, made an effort to renew this production genre, and the praise which reached my ears convinced me to relax my boycott against the serials. And I’m glad I did, because with La Maison du mystère my conversion is complete […]. It is not about making meters of absurd situations or wild adventures, or about a heroine who is killed and brought back to life ten times over. Quite the contrary, the film is an exceptionally clear adaptation of Jules Mary’s novel. The science of rhythm, of intensity, of truth, beautiful photography abounding with ingenious solutions that define this creation of Volkoff, who directs his actors admirably. His choice of actors was also, however, excellent! Mosjoukine and Charles Vanel give proof of a powerful, first class drama. Francine Mussey has finally found a role worthy of her beautiful young talent. Koline and Hélène Darly – Madame Darly is truly a beauty! – perfectly complete this excellent assignment of roles.

«Cinémagazine», 23 March 1923

Cast and Credits

Sc.: Alexandre Volkoff e Ivan Mosjoukine, dal romanzo omonimo di Jules Mary. F.: Joseph-Louis Mundwiller, Fédote Bourgassoff. Scgf.: Ivan Lochakoff, Edouard Gosch. Op.: Nicolas Toporkoff, Jean-Louis Mundviller, Bourgassoff. Cast: Hélène Darly (Régine de Bettigny), Francine Mussey (Christiane), Sylvia Grey (Marjorie), Nina Raïevska (Mme de Bettigny), Simone Genevois (Christiane bambina), Ivan Mosjoukine (Julien Villandrit), Charles Vanel (Henri Corradin), Nicolas Koline (Rudeberg), Claude Bénédict (Général de Bettigny), Bartkevitch (Marjory), Wladimir Strijewski (Pascal giovane), Fabien Haziza (Pascal bambino), Gilbert Dacheux (Urbain), José Davert, Pierre Hot (il sostituto). Prod.: Film Albatros; 35mm. L.: 8721 m. D.: 476’ a 16 f/s. Bn e colorato. 1° ep.: «L’ami Félon», L.: 1201 m. D.: 66’; 2° ep.: «Le Secret de l’étang», L.: 665 m. D.: 37’; 3° ep.: «L’Ambition du service de la haine», L.: 784 m. D.: 43’; 4° ep.: «L’Implacable verdict», L.: 947 m. D.: 52’; 5° episodio: «Le Pont vivant», L.:738 m: D.: 39’; 6° ep.: «La Voix du sang», L.: 561 m. D.: 30’; 7° ep.: «Les Caprices du destin», L.: 1031 m. D.: 57’; 8° ep.: «Champ clos», L.: 988 m. D.: 54’; 9° ep.: «Les Angoisses de Corradin», L.: 810 m. D.: 45’; 10° ep.: «Le Triomphe de l’amour», L.: 996 m. D.: 55’.