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William Karel
Introduced by

Isabelle Huppert (on video)


Film Notes

From film to film, Isabelle Huppert takes us on a journey through her childhood and career, in a mosaic portrait narrated by the actress herself. Huppert’s words, specially recorded for the film, resonate with excerpts from her multiple incarnations for the big screen. The editing sketches an atypical biography, between cinematic allegory and reflection on the profession of an actress, this strange craft that consists of “transforming into excellence what is not” and playing “states” and “people” rather than characters. Sitting at her typewriter, Huppert sends us her personal message. She recalls her discovery of cinema with the comedies of Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, her first roles in front of her father’s Super8 camera, her training at the conservatory where her mother decided one day to enrol her. She recounts meeting Yves Montand and Romy Schneider, and her debut in Bertrand Blier’s Going Places. She talks about her collaborations with the greatest French and international filmmakers, from Claude Chabrol to Michael Haneke, including Jean-Luc Godard, Paul Verhoeven, Maurice Pialat, Werner Schroeter, Benoit Jacquot and Michael Cimino. She mentions her unique relationship with Claude Chabrol, filming with her daughter Lolita and her relationship to drama, this “wild” art which “burns everything in its path” but to which she always ends up returning. For Isabelle Huppert knows that she will always be an actress: “Stop? I often think about it. But I’ll never do it”.

Cast and Credits

M.: Pauline Pallier, Edith Liszt. Int.: Isabelle Huppert (voce narrante). Prod.: Dominique Tibi, Cathy Palumbo, Roche Productions, Arte France. DCP.