Ugo Falena


Sog.: dal romanzo omonimo (1834) di Tommaso Grossi; Scen.: Ugo Falena; Int.: Dillo Lombardi (Marco Visconti), Gemma De Sanctis (Ermelinda), Francesca Bertini (Maria); Prod.: Film d’Arte Italiana; 35mm. L.: 295 m. D.: 15’ a 16 f/s. Bn.

T. it.: Italian title. T. int.: International title. T. alt.: Alternative title. Sog.: Story. Scen.: Screenplay. F.: Cinematography. M.: Editing. Scgf.: Set Design. Mus.: Music. Int.: Cast. Prod.: Production Company. L.: Length. D.: Running Time. f/s: Frames per second. Bn.: Black e White. Col.: Color. Da: Print source

Film Notes

Research to reconstruct this film revealed that cinema magazines had published several pieces of false information about it. The female role played by Francesca Bertini is usually noted with the name “Bice”, and the film is described as “a drama in 19 acts”. In reality, “Bice” doesn’t exist, or rather, Bertini is in the film, but in the role of “Maria”. Similarly, the script contains 11 acts, not 19. The film was restored using an original nitrate negative found at the Cinémathèque Française which had been preserved during the 1990s. In 2003, reconstruction of the intertitles, as found in the film script, was completed. The copy is black and white because the original film did not have color.

Alessia Navantieri

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Restored in 2003 by Cineteca di Bologna at L’Immagine Ritrovata