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CR KIDS | Animated strolls 2

Since 2017, the Young Audience competition of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival has featured shorts from all over the world made for children but screened to audiences of all ages. The films presented here constitute a window onto the world: unique short stories by filmmakers who speak passionately and sensitively about our lives and their own. In the first programme, dedicated to younger children, the perspective is that of a child who discovers the world and their emotions; the second, on the other hand, leads us elsewhere, to discover strange and marvellous worlds. Each of these films demonstrates the variety and beauty of the various animation techniques employed by the filmmakers: from drawing to 3D digital animation to stop-motion. Over the course of the 63 years it has been in existence, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival has proved itself to be the most important event in the world dedicated to animation. Combining screenings with the Marché international du film d’animation (Mifa), it offers a rich programme of competitions, premieres, retrospectives, conferences, exhibitions and talks.

 Programme curated by Peggy Zejgman-Lecarme

  • Nuit chérie (Sweet Night, Belgium/2018) R: Lia Bertels. D.:13’. V. francese
  • Paperplanes (India/2022) R.: Arvind Singh Jeena. D.:7’
  • Father and Daughter (Netherlands-GB/2000) R.: Michaël Dudok de Wit. D.: 9’
  • Hedgehog’s Home (Canada-Croatia/2017) R.: Eva Cvijanovic. D.: 10’. V. inglese
  • Idodo (Switzerland-Papua New Guinea-USA/2022) R.: Ursula Ulmi. D.: 10’. V. inglese

Introduced by Peggy Zejgman-Lecarme