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Michael Pogorzelski (Academy Film Archive)

Hollywood Home Movies from the Acedemy Film Archive
(USA/1931-1970) D.: 71’. V. inglese. Digitale

From the 1930s onward, the home movie camera has played a part in many families’ lives and Hollywood movie makers are no exception. Home movies can show us the private, unguarded side of stars whose images were carefully crafted and managed in the public sphere. Over the years, the Academy Film Archive has
received dozens of collections from filmmakers that have included home movies. Sometimes the home movies are like the ones you’d find in any family: film records of weddings, birthday parties, and holidays. But in some cases, the filmmaker took their home movie camera with them to work – either on set or on location. The result is priceless footage of movies being made during the golden era and some of the biggest Hollywood stars
simply being themselves. Hosted and narrated by archive Director Michael Pogorzelski, the program will
showcase stellar clips from the Academy Film Archive’s home movie collection starting in 1931 up through the late 1960s. Footage of stars such as Marion Davies, Shirley Temple, Douglas Fairbanks, Marlene Dietrich, Cyd Charisse, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Jerry Lewis, Sophia Loren and Steve McQueen will be seen along with rare behind the scenes footage showing the making of films such as Gunga Din and Gone With the Wind.


Thursday 02/07/2015


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

In need to watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s films in order to prepare for his famous interview, François Truffaut travelled regularly to the Cinémathèque Royale. Like many other French filmmakers, he knew that a weekly train ride to Brussels, where Jacques Ledoux would be happy to screen the films (in original version, on top!), would be much easier and less stressful than trying to do the same in Paris.
Later, as thank you gift he gave the Cinémathèque a copy of a small film nobody had heard about: on the can, just a title, Los 4 golpes. We know very little about the film that appears to have been made by Truffaut and a group of friends in Mar del Plata on the occasion of the film festival. The year must have been 1962, when the festival awarded Truffaut as best director for Jules et Jim. Unknown to all filmographies and biographies, it is just a 3-minute divertissement, a thriller (Truffaut plays ‘the assassin’) complete with (very) complete cast and credits. Shot on 16mm, in a style between amateur and film-noir, in black and white and silent (although the complete cast and credits mention “music by J.S. Bach” – a gag?, perhaps to be screend with discs?), Los 4 golpes has all the freshness of an afternoon amusement: a camera, a group of friends, and Truffaut playing assassin and director!

Nicola Mazzanti

Cast and Credits

Sog.: Gloria Algorta. Scen.: Jorge de’ Angeli. F.: Haperue y Massa. Int.: François Truffaut, Gloria Algorta, Christiane Richefort, Marie Laforêt · DCP. Bn.