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Nick Ebeling
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Nick Ebeling


Wednesday 28/06/2017


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

Along for the Ride explores the highs, lows and ultimately the phoenix-like ascension of iconic Hollywood maverick Dennis Hopper. The story unfolds from the perspective of right-hand man, consistent partner in crime, and one of Hopper’s closest and oldest friends for over four decades, Satya del la Manitou. Satya has worked with John Cassavetes, Sam Peckinpah, Wim Wenders and Stanley Kramer. Filmmaker Nick Ebeling chronicles the unlikely duo’s incredible forty year journey, an enduring and intense brotherhood, as intimately complex as Hopper’s own legendary career. De la Manitou re-examines his dedication to his friend’s idiosyncratic and uncompromising genius, reminiscing with a fascinating cast of characters – Hopper’s co-conspirators, family and friends – all those that were also – unwittingly or willingly – along for the ride.

Dennis Hopper’s obscure directorial follow up to Easy Rider, called The Last Movie, changed my life. It’s been a kind of obsession of mine since first finding a Vhs copy of it in my later teenage years. It’s probably the main reason that I’m an artist. At the top of his game after Easy Rider, he changed the Hollywood studio system forever, opening doors for everyone. I’ve always felt the film was a masterpiece, but never understood why Hopper remained dormant as a filmmaker for a number of years after The Last Movie. A few years ago I met Hopper’s right-hand man who dedicated his life to working for Dennis because of The Last Movie. Maybe the one person on Earth who loved the film more than me. I wanted to help tell this story”.

Nick Ebeling

Cast and Credits

Scen.: Nick Ebeling, A.P. Menzies. F.: Danny Reams, Randy Wedick, Nick Ebeling. M.: Danny Reams. Mus.: Gemma Thompson. Int.: Satya de la Manitou, David Hopper, Dean Stockwell, Wim Wenders, Frank Gehry, David Lynch, Julian Schnabel, Michael Madsen. Prod.: Nina Yang Bongiovi, Sheri Timmons. DCP 4K. D.: 90’. Col e Bn.