ll Cinema Ritrovato alla Linea

La Linea, Piazza Re Enzo, 1
24th June-1st July, 7 pm
Free admission

In collaboration with Libreria Coop. Ambasciatori

Again this year, several books selected from the recent film publications will be presented at the festival, accompanied by introductions by authors and special guests. Every evening in the splendid setting of piazza Re Enzo, critics, directors and other professionals from the sector will meet to discuss the themes and people dealt with in the books presented: from Rossellini’s Neorealism to realist cinema, from auteurs who have come to define the history of Italian cinema like Bertolucci and Moretti, to the screenwriter ‘above all suspicion’ Ugo Pirro, and then on to the movie theatre as a cathedral of the cult of cinema, in the case of the mythical Parisian cinema Brady.