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ACE Workshop

Film Literacy and Film Archives
In cooperation with the ABCinema Project

Exciting passion for cinema and film culture has always been part of the (public) mission of film heritage institutions, and film literacy activities, in particular for younger audiences, play an important role in our daily practice, ranging from screenings to workshops, guided tours, creating materials for teachers, etc.
Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in film literacy, which is reflected in two studies commissioned by the EU: in 2015, BFI and Film Forever published A Framework for Film Education. Based on the input from experts across Europe, the study aims at recognizing the importance of film in education.
The second study, Showing films and other audiovisual content in European schools (2015), discusses how films are shown and used by teachers and professors within educational institutions. It fits into the picture that since 2014 the European Commission has funded projects for film audience development through the Creative Europe – MEDIA Sub-programme, which includes a specific category of financing devoted to film education initiatives. Of those initiatives, the ABCinema project is one that fosters collaboration between archives and cinema institutions on creating a joint catalogue of film literacy activities and film titles and sharing best practices across borders.
At this year’s workshop, which is organized jointly by ABCinema and ACE (Association des Cinémathèques Européennes), we will discuss the role of film education at film heritage institutions. What is our understanding of film literacy? What is our level of expertise? What are our aims and needs? How do we position ourselves among different players and concepts? How do we want to shape the discussion on film literacy on a European level?
With the collaboration of the European Commission and experts, a general frame will be provided concerning film archives and film literacy, including case studies, film literacy initiatives and activities for the younger generations.
Attendance at the workshop is by registration only. Available places are limited, so preference will be given to members of ACE. For more information and to register, please contact:


Monday 29/06/2015
14:30 - 18:30