Evening events in Piazza Maggiore

Once again, evening after evening, newly restored films, new and unforgettable film experiences. Saturday 24th will kick off with the most famous dive into a river, and the most famous pillow fight in the history of cinema: L’Atalante and Zéro de conduite by Jean Vigo, two unmissable films on the eternal youth of amour fou and the irrepressible anarchy of childhood. On Friday 23rd, there will be an exclusive screening of the most cutting and romantic coming-of-age story of New American Cinema, The Graduate; and during the week the Californian summer of love in the memorable documentary by Pennebaker Monterey Pop; then on Sunday 2nd July, the legendary photographer Bruce Weber will present Let’s Get Lost, the poignant ‘portrait’ of jazz musician Chet Baker.

Zero de conduite (Zero for Conduct, 1933) by Jean Vigo • L’Atalante (1934) by Jean Vigo • The Graduate (1967) by Mike Nichols • Monterey Pop (1968) by D.A. Pennebaker • Let’s Get Lost (1988) by Bruce Weber


Photo: Monterey Pop by D.A. Pennebaker (1968)