Catalogue of the Festival

Edizioni Cineteca di Bologna 2015
368 pp.
Euro 15,00

“How to embark upon a mammoth program of 427 titles in eight days? First of all, it requires curiosity, a quality as essential as breathing for a marathon. To feed and guide your curiosity, you have an invaluable tool in your hands: the catalog. Although there are certainly festivals that are more important than Il Cinema Ritrovato, I do not think that any have a catalog as rich. This year it stretches beyond 360 pages, and it is a treasure trove of knowledge. Paola Cristalli, Alice Autelitano and Alessandro Cavazza have worked on it for months along with twenty curators. After eight days the festival comes to an end, but the contents of Il Cinema Ritrovato remain in its catalog and online. It is the rich fruit of our work destined to last in time ‒ enormous work that for twenty-nine years has been materializing between the last Saturday of June and the first Saturday of July and brings enthusiasts, researchers, restorers, directors, archivists, journalists and scholars from five continents to Bologna”. (Gian Luca Farinelli)

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Un film di Gustavo Serena e Francesca Bertini

Edizioni Cineteca di Bologna 2015
Dvd and booklet (72′ and 48 pp.)
Euro 12,00

Adapted from the play by Salvatore di Giacomo, Assunta Spina is ‘the’ Francesca Bertini film: her greatest success, her most deeply felt and impassioned performance, the touchstone of her many talents. In this film, the star not only embodies the role of the beautiful girl of the people, torn between the love of two men, she also becomes a filmmaker. It was a role that Bertini proudly claimed for herself over the years and that film history has finally acknowledged her. The first Dvd edition of this silent masterpiece presents the restored version of the film, with its beautifully tinted colors and authentic, breathtaking Neapolitan locations. Assunta Spina is considered to be the progenitor of Italian cinematic realism, and its startling freshness still conquers us. The film is accompanied by a soundtrack by Guido Sodo and Francois Laurent, inspired by the traditional music and songs of Naples.

Extra: Un amore selvaggio (Italia, 1912, with Raffaele Viviani), Il fascino della violenza (Italia, 1912, with Francesca Bertini), Gustavo Serena disse… Una testimonianza di Vittorio Martinelli, film gallery.
Booklet (curated by Giovanni Lasi): notes by Giovanni Lasi, Michele Canosa, Gerardo Guccini, Mariann Lewinsky

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