Festival catalogue

400 pp.

A festival with almost 500 films in eight days demands a lot from the team creating it but also from its audience. My advice: spend an hour reading the catalogue first. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it. No other festival in the world has a catalogue as magnificent as ours.
(Gian Luca Farinelli)









2 Dvds, 1 Blu-ray and booklet (93′ + extra; 80 pp.)

In 1895, the Lumière brothers invent the Cinématographe, the magical machine capable of filming the world. Their operators, sent to the four corners of the world, begin the greatest adventure of the modern age: capturing life, interpreting it, recounting it. Cities, landscapes, men, women, children, animals, work, play, the sea, the crowd, the solitude: still today, the luminous and powerful beauty of these visions leaves us breathless. Staging, travelling, tricks, remakes: the brothers from Lyon invented cinema and are inventing The Cinema.
114 films made between the years 1895 and 1905, the few well-known to everyone (Leaving the Factory, The Arrival of a Train, The Sprinkler Sprinkled, Panoramic view during ascension of the Eiffel Tower) and many unknown gems, presented for the first time in a brand-new 4K digital restoration.


Collection of 114 restored films, shot by Louis Lumière and his cameramen between 1895 and 1905. Four audio tracks, with French commentary by Thierry Frémaux, subtitled in Italian, Italian commentary by Valerio Mastandrea and the music of Camille Saint-Saëns.

Lumière, la naissance du cinéma by Paul Paviot (30’)
Aller au cinéma, Louis Lumière by Éric Rohmer, with Henri Langlois and Jean Renoir (66’)
Pierwsky Film by Józef Piwkowski (10’)
L’Héritage Lumière by Bertrand Tavernier (8’)
Lumière, au début et pour toujours by Thierry Frémaux (19’)
Les nuovelles Sorties d’usine by Quentin Tarantino, Pedro Almodóvar, Michael Cimino, Jerry Schatzberg, Paolo Sorrentino, Xavier Dolan (3’)




copertinagrandtourGRAND TOUR ITALIANO
61 Films from Early 1900s

2 Dvd and 1 booklet (289′ + 88 pp.)

curated by Andrea Meneghelli

Do you wish to see beauty? Over a century ago, hordes of cine-camera operators, both Italian and from further afield, travelled far and wide through Italy to film the landscapes, villages, cities, events, factories, customs and traditions of our country, for the benefit of a whole new category of person: the cinemagoer around the world.
With this collection of 61 films, restored by the Cineteca di Bologna and other prestigious film archives, we hop aboard a machine travelling through time and space, stopping off at hundreds of destinations, from Sicily to Monte Cervino. Italy as we’ve never seen it before, suspended between the nineteenth century and modernity, in the old and rare images that have survived. A Grand Tour, a journey of pleasure, of course, but also one that better helps us to understand the country today.

Piano accompaniment composed and performed by Daniele Furlati

The booklet includes an essay by Andrea Meneghelli, an article by Dominique Païni, notes on each film and a text on the music by Daniele Furlati