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Luciano Emmer
Introduced by

Stefano Francia di Celle

Before two advertising made by Emmer for Carosello


Wednesday 27/06/2018


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

It is a ‘monumental’ document on two generations of 1950s Italy: not because it studies their behaviour, if need be by summarising them through sketches (as they were called at the time), but rather because it captures their salient characteristics for future memory. […] Terza liceo is a carefully constructed film, based on an apparently cast-iron screenplay: each section is a brick that contributes to the overall architecture. The skeleton is that of a high school in Rome, the Mamiani, in viale delle Milizie 30 […] and the central focus is on class 3C, around which revolve professors, students and their parents. Two sides – the youngsters and the adults – articulate a web of sub-plots based around encounters and conflicts. […] This architectural and mathematical construction is enlightened, however, by emotions. It is a musical architecture and mathematics, in which the ‘music’ derives from the rhythm, from the harmony between individual sequences and from the repetition and variation of motifs. Meanwhile, actual music […] is mostly relegated to a diegetic score, and this absence of a non-diegetic score is consistent with the film’s anti-psychological approach. […]

Emmer has made a ‘perfect’ film, classical in form and without a single superfluous shot, in which the camera remains invisible. It is a form that, even if this was not the filmmaker’s explicit intent, is destined to last, beyond the casual parenthesis of modernity. Emmer consistently organizes shots with balanced spacial relationships: full-shots, shot-reverse-shot sequences lacking in modern contrast, two- and three-shots that locate the individual within the group […]. The ‘author’ regulates the (mise-en-)scene like a great, omnipotent puppet-master who refuses to permit himself to become involved. However, with classical precision, he is perfectly aware that such formal economy affords added significance to even the slightest deviation: the intrusion, for example, of simple close-ups into the preponderance of mid-shots.

Adriano Aprà, Emmer classico moderno: “Terza Liceo”, in Mister(o) Emmer, edited by Enrico Ghezzi and Stefano Francia di Celle, Torino Film Festival, Torino 2004


Cast and Credits

Sog.: Giuliano Moreno. Scen.: Sergio Amidei, Carlo Bernari, Vasco Pratolini, Luciano Emmer. F.: Mario Bava. M.: Eraldo Da Roma. Scgf.: Mario Chiari. Mus.: Carlo Innocenzi. Int.: Giulia Rubini (Camilla), Ilaria Occhini (Lucia Lucchesi), Roberta Primavera (Maria Olivieri), Anna Maria Sandri (Teresa Di Lieto), Christine Carère (Giovanna Zanetti), Giovanna Turi (Giulia Bartoli), Ferdinando Cappabianca (Andrea Venturi), Franco Sartori (Bruno Sacchi), Ugo Amaldi (Franco), Turi Pandolfini (professore di storia), Giuliano Montaldo (professore di religione), Paola Borboni (madre di Bruno), Eriprando Visconti (Carlo Moretti). Prod.: IN.CI.M. – Industrie Cinematografiche Milanesi. 35mm. D.: 103’. Bn.


Italian Title
Romantici a Venezia
Director: _Luciano Emmer, Enrico Gras
Year: 1948
Country: Italia-Francia
Running time: 11'
Film Version

Italian version