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Konrad Wolf, Wolfgang Kohlhaase


Saturday 29/08/2020


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

The morning after. “It’s without breakfast…” the young Berlin woman Ingrid Sommer (played by Renate Krößner) tells her male overnight guest and opens the window of her apartment in Prenzlauer Berg. When the guest begins to argue, she adds: “It’s also without discussion”. Ingrid Sommer, stage name Sunny, is a singer. She has many admirers, but loves her independence. Sunny is the epitome of the independent, self-confident outsider. She doesn’t let men dictate what she wants. She tours the country with her band, performing in clubhouses and bars. Her success is only modest, but she longs for happiness and recognition. Solo Sunny is one of DEFA’s most popular contemporary films and quickly became a cult film in both East and West. With its honesty, documentary realism and trenchant dialogue, the film had its finger on the pulse of the age. It is astonishing how close Wolf is to Sunny’s fate, although he is far away in age from her youthful outbursts. In its simplicity and understanding of the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings, the film offers an authentic portrait of the life of the middle GDR generation at the beginning of the 1980s. Krößner’s outstanding performance gave a face to a generation. “To the naturalness of a moral claim she adds the charm of insolence”, the press wrote. Wolf stated at the film’s premiere that socialism depends on characters such as Sunny. Once again, Wolf worked together with screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase, who also co-directed. The plot is inspired by the biography of the singer Sanije Torka. Composer Günther Fischer created an impressive, memorable soundtrack in collaboration with jazz singer Regine Dobberschütz. The film won numerous prizes at national and international film festivals, including the Silver Bear at the Berlinale for the recently deceased Krößner. Solo Sunny was Wolf’s last completed film project, before his death in 1982.   

Cast and Credits

Scen.: Konrad Wolf, Wolfgang Kohlhaase. F.: Eberhard Geick. M.: Evelyn Carow. Scgf.: Alfred Hirschmeier. Mus.: Günther Fischer. Int.: Renate Krößner (Ingrid ‘Sunny’ Sommer), Alexander Lang (Ralph), Heide Kipp (Christine), Dieter Montag (Harry), Klaus Brasch (Norbert), Fred Düren (il dottore), Ulrich Anschütz (il grafico), Ursula Braun (la signora Pfeiffer), Regine Doreen (Monika). Prod.: DEFA-Studio für Spielfilme. DCP.