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Luciano Emmer

Before the show, two commercial by Emmer for Carosello


Sunday 24/06/2018


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

The film deals, in short, with a convoy of tourists who travel to Paris to watch a France-Italy football match. Their stay in Paris only lasts one day – the time that Emmer needs to narrate a varied sequence of events. […] The tourists of Parigi è sempre Parigi are, to varying extents, all characterised as lady-killers. A mature man dreams of a romantic adventure with a mannequin or a café-concert dancer; a young man turns his nose up at the conquest of a cosmopolitan lady; two Roman youths content themselves with a maid; and a delicate and innocent youth, whose story provides the films with its moral, ends up with his very first encounter: the newsvendor at the station. He is the only one who succeeds in having a love affair because he is the only one following a genuine feeling. The others pursue the conventional mirage of Paris as a city of vice and easy affairs and thus end up disappointed.
The living embodiment of this delusion is the figure of the baron, a pitiful resident of Paris who gets by working as a human sandwich-board. He is one of the best characters in the film and the enormous bottle of mineral water that he drags around for publicity is a strikingly effective, almost surreal image. […] Emmer has a delicate touch and his sense of humour is almost always refined and in good taste […]. A careful and skilful screenplay and restrained performances help the film to avoid the many pitfalls it could have fallen into.

Alberto Moravia, “L’Europeo”
26 December 1951

Cast and Credits

Sog.: Sergio Amidei, Giulio Macchi. Scen.: Sergio Amidei, Luciano Emmer, Ennio Flaiano, Giulio Macchi, Francesco Rosi, Jacques Rémy, Jean Ferry. F.: Henri Alekan. M.: Gabriele Varriale, Jacques Poitrenaud. Scgf.: Hugues Laurent. Mus.: Roman Vlad. Int.: Aldo Fabrizi (Andrea De Angelis), Lucia Bosè (Mimì De Angelis), Ave Ninchi (Elvira De Angelis), Franco Interlenghi (Franco Martini), Marcello Mastroianni (Marcello Venturi), Jeannette Batti (Claudia), Galeazzo Benti (Gianni Forlivesi), Giuseppe Porelli (barone Raffaele D’Amore), Paolo Panelli (Totò Percuoco) Vittorio Caprioli (accompagnatore turistico), Yves Montand (se stesso). Prod.: Fortezza Film, Omnium International du Film. 35mm. D.: 100’. Bn.


Director: Luciano Emmer, Enrico Gras, Tatiana Grauding
Year: 1940-1946
Country: Italia
Running time: 11'
Film Version

Italian version