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Dino Risi
Introduced by

Emiliano Morreale


Tuesday 28/06/2022


Original version with subtitles


Film Notes

The third and final episode of the successful Titanus series that started with Pane, amore e fantasia (Bread, Love and Dreams), with the addition of Eastmancolor (cinematography by Peppino Rotunno) and the up-and-coming Sophia Loren replacing Gina Lollobrigida. According to Risi, “Since Sophia is Neapolitan, De Sica, in the role of Marshall Carotenuto, was transferred to Sorrento as commander of the local police.” The actress bursts onto the screen, standing up to the sly Vittorio De Sica, and the usual flirtations ensue between the two, always in the company of grumpy Tina Pica and Mario Carotenuto as De Sica’s priest brother. The overall result is more colourful and opulent, moving away from neorealism, and set against a southern Italian backdrop typical of a new lighthearted and picturesque comedy. The dance of the two protagonists to the tune of Mambo Italiano is legendary. “Sexual innuendoes take on increasing importance: the main star of the story is restrained mischief, not only in the character of Sophia but also and perhaps especially in that of Padovani… who carries a pent-up passion, desperate to break out and find fulfilment. Clearly an impossible outcome, but nevertheless this passion represents the true seasoning, the hidden spice that in 1950s Italy provided this film, as it did to the previous two films in the series, with mass appeal. A simplistic and mystifying ideology, the perfect structure, gimmicks and gags that work like clockwork, the excellent performances of the actors, and the infectious charm of the two stars. Dino Risi was now ready to take off” (Paolo D’Agostini, Dino Risi, Il Castoro, Milan 1995).

Cast and Credits

Sog.: Ettore Maria Margadonna, Marcello Girosi, Vincenzo Talarico, Dino Risi. Scen.: Ettore Maria Margadonna. F.: Giuseppe Rotunno. M.: Mario Serandrei. Sgcf.: Gastone Medin. Mus.: Alessandro Cicognini. Int.: Vittorio De Sica (maresciallo Carotenuto), Sophia Loren (Sofia), Lea Padovani (donna Violante Ruotolo), Antonio Cifariello (Nicolino), Mario Carotenuto (don Matteo), Tina Pica (Caramella), Virgilio Riento (don Emilio). Prod.: Marcello Girosi per Titanus, S.G.C. DCP. D.: 96’. Col.