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Robert Leonard
Piano accompaniment by

Gabriel Thibaudeau



Monday 29/06/2015


Original version with simultaneous translation through headphones


Film Notes

This charming film is based on the mag- azine story of the same name written by Eleanor H. Abbott. Adapted by the direc- tor Robert Leonard who started his long career as a film director at Universal, including its filial Bluebird Photoplays, this was one of his earlier films with Ella Hall after the successful films such as The Crippled Hand and The Love Girl. In this film, Ella Hall appears “…in a role somewhat more mature than those which have made her reputation, but the character of the strange little girl scientist who has never known the life of crea- tures of her age and has been reared in the musty atmosphere of learned tomes, suits the peculiar talents of the dainty star, and gives her a chance for another of those appealing studies” (“The Moving Picture Weekly”, Aug 19, 1916). James Barton is staying at a resort hotel in the mountains where he meets a young girl Eve Edgarton whose father is a botanist and with whom she travels all over the world. While riding on horseback, James discovers that Eve has brilliant scientific knowledge but she has never found any- one who was in sympathy with her. They gradually come to an understanding of each other. However, her father decrees that she shall marry John Elbertson, the elderly botanist companion and she acquiesces. Although, after several inci- dents, John breaks his engagement with Eve so that she can marry James.

Hiroshi Komatsu

Cast and Credits

T. copia.: Elle voulait un foyer. Sog.: dal racconto omonimo di Eleanor Hallowell Abbott. Scen.: Robert Leonard. F.: R.E. Irish. Int.: Ella Hall (Eve Edgarton), Doris Pawn (Miss Van Eaton), Gretchen Lederer (Cousin Elsa), Herbert Rawlinson (James Barton), Thomas Jefferson (Paul R. Edgarton), Marc Fenton (John Elbertson). Prod.: Bluebird Photoplays, Inc. · 35mm. L.: 1090 m. (incompleto, l. orig. 1600 m.). D.: 53’ a 18 f/s. Col.