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L’assalto fatale

Gerolamo Lo Savio
Introduced by

Lorenzo Codelli e Renzo Musumeci Greco, Maestro d’armi e pronipote del protagonista del film Agesilao Greco.

Piano accompaniment by

Antonio Coppola

Al termine, in Piazzetta Pasolini, dimostrazione di scherma a cura di Renzo Musumeci Greco e Giuliano Pianca, organizzata con il sostegno di Fondazione Terzo Pilastro-Italia e Mediterraneo, Cip Comitato Italiano Paralimpico, Ics Istituto Credito Sportivo e in collaborazione con Giuliano Pianca


Sunday 25/06/2017


Original version with simultaneous translation through headphones


Film Notes

Although virtually obliged by its statute to draw inspiration from the best that literature and the theatre had to offer, Film d’Arte Italiana can best be appreciated for its frequent incursions into drama, in films characterised by an enjoyable narrative candour and a clear propensity for a final twists. One could almost jokingly call them solid and straightforward genre projects. This film, directed by the company’s two most prolific filmmakers, Lo Savio and Falena, also exhibits some first-rate production savvy: the hiring of no less than Agesilao Greco in one of the leading roles. Today, the name might mean little or nothing. However, anyone who follows fencing knows that we are dealing one of the most celebrated stars of the sport: an unbeatable international champion; a theorist who brought the sport into the modern age; the inventor of an infallible blow capable of disarming his adversary at just the right moment. It was to be his only appearance on the screen. He plays a painter who falls in love with a young Countess but is obliged to turn away with his tail between his legs when she is forced to marry, against her wishes, a banker who is threatening to ruin her indebted family. Once we have got past the leafy gardens and run of the mill salons, we finally end up in the weapons room, where the two rivals for her affections challenge each other to a swordfight as part of a cruel and deceitful fight to the death. I lack the competence to discuss the technical abilities that Greco displays in the final scenes (although the experts will no doubt be able to), but the effect is undoubtedly electrifying.

Andrea Meneghelli

Cast and Credits

Sog., Scen.: Gerolamo Lo Savio, Ugo Falena. Int.: Agesilao Greco (Guido), Paola Monti (Regina D’Arnano), Ettore Berti (il banchiere Dorsani). Prod.: Film d’Arte Italiana. 35mm. L.: 730 m. D.: 34’ a 16 f/s. Bn.