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Il Cinema Ritrovato Kids. Polonia animata

Introduced by

Anna Sienkiewicz-Rogowska e Iga Harasimowicz (FINA)

This year’s selection of remarkable Polish short films for children offers a visual journey through a world of five puppet animations recently restored by the Polish National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute (FINA). The production time of the selected films spans over 20 years, which allows one to admire the evolution of Polish animation techniques.
One of the gems of this section is Pan piórko śni, a lesser known work, which was accused of formalism and banned during the socialist realism era, a wonderful example of an early black-and-white animation.
Following the tradition, this programe also includes the Se-Ma-For film studio productions, one of them being 1965’s Maluch, an award-winning animation, distinguished by an aesthetically powerful use of colour combinations.
These and other short films from the classic Polish animation cinema will be soon made available online on:

Iga Harasimowicz

Wycieczka (Excursion, Polonia/1957) R.: Teresa Badzian. D.: 10’
Niezwykła Podróz (The Incredible Journey, Polonia/1955) R.: Teresa Badzian. D.: 10’
Pan Piórko Śni (Mr. Thermos Dream, Polonia/1949) R.: Zenon Wasilewski. D.: 11’
Maluch (Little Car, Polonia/1965) R.: Lucjan De¸bin´ski. D.: 8’
Kundelek (Little Mongrel, Polonia/1969) R.: Lidia Hornicka. D.: 7’


Wednesday 26/06/2019


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