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Il Cinema Ritrovato Kids. FAIRY TALES IN A SINGLE FILE


Beatrice Pucci

In 2005, the historic production company Corona Cinematografica (active from the late 1940s to 1997) entrusted the Cineteca di Bologna with the preservation and promotion of its inventory, which includes over 2,500 animated films and documentaries and around 1,200 newsreels. The collection also features the splendid series Favole europee: about 40 animated shorts, made in the 70s, illustrating Europe through fairytales and popular legends from different countries. We are screening a selection of them in 35mm. We will also show Le nozze di Pollicino, the first instalment of a series devoted to Italian fairytales by Beatrice Pucci; the artist, a specialist in puppet animation, will present her work in person. The programme ends with a tribute to the great Czech illustrator and animator Jiří Trnka, who can be seen elsewhere at Il Cinema Ritrovato in the documentary about him Jiří Trnka, l’ami retrouvé.

Zasadil deˇdek repu (Grandpa Planted a Beet, Cecoslovacchia/1945) R.: Jirˇí Trnka. D.: 10’
Aarie Prerie (Song of the Prairie, Cz/1949) R.: Jirˇí Trnka. D.: 22’
Le nozze di Pollicino (Italia/2018) R.: Beatrice Pucci. D.: 6’

5 years and above


Thursday 27/06/2019


Original version with subtitles