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Robert Wiene
Introduced by

Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, che presenterà anche il libro Yesterday’s Films for Tomorrow (Edizioni Film Heritage

Piano accompaniment by

Antonio Coppola


Friday 30/06/2017


Original version with simultaneous translation through headphones


Film Notes

The protagonist, a German nobleman (Bruno Decarli), steals a sacred statuette during a stay in Java. The ghost of the priest from whom he stole the object, however, haunts him and prophesies him his imminent death: he has only seven days left to live.
A surprising film, mysterious and oneiric, dominated by a feeling of fear which haunts every action, from the first to the last shot. A romantic and psychoanalytical film, apparently without limits of time but dominated by the ineluctable passing of the days which give the story its rhythm. A film of bodies, the very young one of Veidt, thin and disquieting, an immaterial body which crosses the scenes of the film as it seeks its inevitable revenge. That of Decarli, ever more weighed down by the passing of time, notwithstanding the dazzling adventures which he experiences, above all the amorous encounter, filmed with a fixed camera and animated by bodies which seem to dance with each other in the search for a point of equilibrium.

Gian Luca Farinelli

Cast and Credits

Scen.: Robert Wiene. Int.: Bruno Decarli (Graf Greven), Conrad Veidt (sacerdote indiano), Mechthildis Thein, Bernhard Goetzke, Hermann Picha. Prod.: Messter-Film GmbH 35mm. L.: 1467 m. D.: 72’ a 18 f/s. Tinted.


International Title
Lanka Aflame
Director: Dhundiraj Govind Phalke
Year: 1917
Country: India
Running time: 8’ a 16 f/s'
Film Version

Hindi and English intertitles