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In Search of Color: Kinemacolor and Technicolor
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Jean Gabin, the Man with Blue Eyes
Soul and Craft: A Portrait of Henry King
Brutal, Nasty, and Short: The Noir of Felix E. Feist
16mm – The Great Small Gauge
In Search of Colour
Cinemalibero. Fespaco 1969-2019
Youssef Chahine – The Last Arab Optimist
Il Cinema Ritrovato Kids and Young
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A Neapolitan at Cinecittà, Eduardo De Filippo the Filmmaker
Documents and Documentaries
One Hundred Years Ago: 1919
1899: Year Four of Cinema
“Rendez-nous Musidora!”
“We Are the Natives of Trizonia”: Inventing West German Cinema, 1945-49
Under the Skies of Seoul: The Golden Age of South Korean Cinema
Georges Franju: Beyond Reality
Cine-concerts in Piazza Maggiore and in Piazzetta Pasolini
Piazza Maggiore Screenings
Buster Keaton!
William Fox Presents: Rediscoveries from the Fox Film Corporation – Part II


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