How to book

Dear friends,

We are finally ready to experience the many emotions of this XXXVII edition of Cinema Ritrovato!


HOW TO BOOK (for pass holders)

Events and screenings in the festival venues *:

  • From 5PM of june, 8th you can book your place for festival events on the site using your “pass number” (received by email). You can book one single seat per screening, until the available seats have run out

  • After booking you will receive a ticket (indicating row and seat number). To access the auditorium, you only need to show your festival pass.

* Cinema Lumière, Auditorium DAMSLab, Piazzetta Pasolini, Cinema Arlecchino, Cinema Jolly, Cinema Europa, Arena Puccini

Screenings in Piazza Maggiore:

  • Access to the screenings in Piazza Maggiore is free. For the screenings that will take place from the 24th June to the 2nd July, festival pass holders can make an online reservation for a seat in the reserved section (the seats are not numbered), until the available seats have run out.

  • If you reserve a seat, we ask you to arrive at one of the entrance points no later than 21.15. After that time, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and the seats reassigned.

You can cancel your booking, both for the festival venues and Piazza Maggiore, at any time up to 75 minutes before the screening.


LAST MINUTE ACCESS (for pass holders)

  • In the festival venues, 15 minutes before the screening starts we will allow last minute access to pass holders who have not booked.

  • In Piazza Maggiore, last minute access begins at 21.15 from the entrance located between the screen and the corner of Palazzo del Podestà.


HOW TO BOOK (for those without festival passes)

Events and screenings in the festival venues:

  • Tickets for certain festival events may be made available to members of the public without passes for a cost of 5 euro. Tickets can be bought:

    • online on the site

    • at the offices of Bologna Welcome (Piazza Maggiore 1) during the following times: Mon-Sat 9-18.30 / Sun and holidays 10-16.30.

Screenings in Piazza Maggiore:

  • The evening screenings in Piazza Maggiore are free and open to all. During Cinema Ritrovato, a portion of the seats in Piazza Maggiore will be reserved for festival pass holders until 21.15 and until all the seats are filled. In the event that there are seats free within the reserved area, we will allow last minute access to anyone after 21.30 (via a dedicated queue by the middle section of the piazza).



Assistance with booking:

From 8 to 22 June (Monday to Friday 4 pm – 7 pm) the following phone number will be active:
+39 3757354267