Ph. Margherita Caprilli and Lorenzo Burlando

Chemi Bebia @ Cinema Modernissimo

With live musical accompaniment by Cleaning Women

Silent Trilogy @ Cinema Modernissimo

Conversation between Juho Kuosmanen and Alice Rohrwacher

Merlusse @ Cinema Modernissimo

Talk with Alexander Payne

Cronos @ Cinema Arlecchino

Introduction by Ronald Chammah (Les Films du Camélia)

Notizie! Ultime notizie! @ Cinema Lumière

Accompanied on the harp by Eduardo Raon and on the drums Frank Bockius

Homo Faber @ Cinema Lumière

Introduced by Volker Schlondörff

L'armoire volante @ Cinema Arlecchino

Introduced by Laure de Boissard (Pathé)

The Working Girls @ Cinema Europa

Introduced by Stephanie Rothman and Dave Kehr (MoMA)

Prizes Vittorio Boarini @ Auditorium DamsLab

This year the award went to Grover Crisp (Sony), Bryony Dixon (BFI) e Daniela Michel (Morelia International Film Festival).

Umarete wa mita keredo @ Cinema Modernissimo

Introduced by Wim Wenders

Le siècle de Costa - Gavras @ AuditoriumDamsLab

Introduced by Costa-Gavras and Michèle Ray-Gavras