Il Cinema Ritrovato | Streaming

Dear friends,

After a year in which we have successfully trialled online screenings of the great masterpieces of the past, for the 35th edition of Il Cinema Ritrovato we will once again bring you a selection drawn from the programme of the in-person event in Bologna.

It is a broad selection, representative of the various aspects of the festival, and is viewable throughout the world (unless otherwise indicated); it offers a digital variation of this year’s Il Cinema Ritrovato to all the friends, cinéphiles, colleagues and film historians who have been coming to Bologna for years as well as to those who are discovering the festival for the first time, even if it is during a year when they cannot be physically present.

The streamed version of the festival, realised in collaboration with MyMovies, will begin at the same time as the physical event, 20 July, but will last a week longer, until the 3 August. We will soon reveal the programme, which has been specifically created for online viewing: a collection of rare films, new restorations, meetings and film lessons, each with its own start time, just as if you were in the cinema. It offers a bridge to the physical festival for those who cannot be here, a way to be part of this edition, which is atypical but, in its own way, unique.