Il Cinema Ritrovato DVD Awards – XVIII edition


Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna is organizing Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival, which is promoting “Il Cinema Ritrovato – DVD Awards”.

The award aims to encourage and give visibility to quality home entertainment Dvds and Blu-rays from around the world. The competition is open to Dvds and Blu-rays released between February 2020 and February 2021 of important films made before 1991 (at least thirty years ago) and thus generally in line with the festival’s theme.

The jury, composed of Lorenzo Codelli, Philippe Garnier, Pamela Hutchinson, Miguel Marías, Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, chaired by Paolo Mereghetti, will assign the DVD Awards in five categories: Best Dvd/Blu-ray (The Peter Von Bagh Award), Best Single Release, Best Special Features (bonus), Best Rediscovery of a Forgotten Film, Best Series/Best Box.




BEST BOX SET: ESSENTIAL FELLINI (Italy, 1950-1987) – The Criterion Collection (blu-ray)

BEST SPECIAL FEATURESOUTSIDE. Morris Engel et Ruth Orkin Œuvres Complètes (USA, 1953-1968) – Carlotta Films (blu-ray)

BEST REDISCOVERY OF A FORGOTTEN FILMDALEKÁ CESTA (Czech, 1948) by Alfréd Radok – Národní filmový archiv (blu-ray) e VARIETY (USA, 1983) by Bette Gordon – Kino Lorber (blu-ray)

BEST SINGLE FILM RELEASEMÄDCHEN IN UNIFORM (Germany, 1931) by Leontine Sagan – BFI (blu-ray + dvd) e MANDABI (Senegal, 1968) by Ousmane Sembène – The Criterion Collection (blu-ray)

BEST DOCUMENTARYJAZZ ON A SUMMER’S DAY (USA, 1959) by Bert Stern – Kino Lorber (blu-ray) e PETER NESTLER. 9 Films de 1962 à 2008 (Germany, 1962-2009) – Survivance (dvd)

BEST FILM (THE PETER VON BAGH AWARD)LA ROUE (France, 1922) by Abel Gance – Pathé Films / La Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé



(Hungary-Germany-France, 1966-2001) – National Film Institute – Film Archive Hungary (dvd)

(USA, 1967) by J.L. Anderson – Flicker Alley and Nicolas Winding Refn/by NWR (blu-ray + dvd)

Pamela Hutchinson: WAXWORKS (Das Wachsfigurenkabinett)
(Germany, 1924) by Paul Leni, Leo Birinsky – Flicker Alley, Eureka Entertainment and Deutsche Kinemathek (blu-ray + dvd)

Miguel Marías: CHICAGO – Weltstadt in Flegeljahren
(Germany, 1931) by Heinrich Hauser – Schongerfilm/Arte edition (blu-ray)

Paolo Mereghetti: TIRO AL PICCIONE
(Italy, 1961) di Giuliano Montaldo – Penny Video / Cineteca Nazionale (blu-ray + dvd)

Shivendra Singh Dungarpur: SCORSESE SHORTS
(USA, 1963-1978) by Martin Scorsese – The Criterion Collection (blu-ray)


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