R. e Sc: Erich Engel, Bertolt Brecht. In.: Karl Valentin, Blandine Ebinger, Erwin Faber, Annemarie Hase, Kurt Horwitz, Hans Leibelt, Carola Neher, Koch, Max Schreck. P.: Dr Koch, M√ľnchen. 35mm.

T. it.: Italian title. T. int.: International title. T. alt.: Alternative title. Sog.: Story. Scen.: Screenplay. F.: Cinematography. M.: Editing. Scgf.: Set Design. Mus.: Music. Int.: Cast. Prod.: Production Company. L.: Length. D.: Running Time. f/s: Frames per second. Bn.: Black e White. Col.: Color. Da: Print source

Film Notes

Mysteries in a barber shop, heinous crimes committed with a youthful and blameless joy. The victims are inept, bearded bureaucrats, while Karl Valentin and Blandine Ebinger are capable of dying and being reborn.
The film, which for many years was thought to have been lost, was found by Enno Patalas at the Gosfilmofond in Moscow.

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