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Best of Animateka Festival 1

Introduced by Igor Prassel

Animateka is an international festival that focuses on high-quality auteur-led animated film. Every December it presents the peak production of short animated films from central and eastern Europe in the main competition programme, as well as the most original European student films and a selection of international films for children, competing for the Elephant prize.
The two programmes we are presenting at the Il Cinema Ritrovato are aimed at children aged four and over. Young children who may be visiting the cinema with their parents for the first time can enjoy carefully selected films by European auteurs. All the films are without dialogue, but rich in sound design and storytelling. These films are the alternative to the commercial animation kids usually watch on television. I am sure the films, when seen on a big cinema screen will make the kids happy and if you will try they will provoke a dialogue with the audience and a further discussion at home.
Among the selected films, there are episodes from internationally successful series, as well as short films. There will be a lot of colourful animals living in vibrant worlds, but also friendly creatures that maybe we can meet in our dreams. The majority of the animated characters use computer imagery, but some films are made with puppets, matches or paper cuts. The important thing is that you will laugh, cheer and maybe even feel a little fear by watching them in the cinema. Enjoy!

Igor Prassel (Animateka artistic director)

Eco binz
R.: Iztok H. Šuc. D.: 7’

(Weasel, Slovenia/2016)
R.: Timon Leder. D.: 11’

Gospod Filodendron in jablana
(Mr. Philodendron and the Apple Tree, Slovenia/2016)
R.: Grega Mastnak. D.: 6’

Spacapufi: Žiže
(Spuffies: Jubees, Slovenia/2021)
R.: Jaka Ivanc. D.: 11’

Princ Ki-Ki-Do: Superdo
(Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Superdo, Slovenia/2018)
R.: Grega Mastnak. D.: 5’