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European Film Forum. The Value(S) of Film Heritage

Workshop promosso da Commissione Europea e ACE in occasione dei 25 anni del programma MEDIA e dell’ACE
Gian Luca Farinelli (Cineteca di Bologna), Nicola Mazzanti (ACE), Nicola Borrelli (Mibact), Giuseppe Tornatore (regista), Gilles Fontaine e Patrizia Simone (European Audiovisual Observatory), Philippe Chavassu (Tamasa), Stanisław Bardadin (Cyfrowe Repozytorium Filmowe), Valerio De Paolis (Cinema), Andrea Peraro (Il Cinema Ritrovato al Cinema), Laurent Cantet (La Cinetek), Peter Becker (Criterion), Nick Varley (Park Circus).
Modera Ian Christie
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The European Film Forum (EFF) was created by the European Commission in 2014 to facilitate a structured dialogue between the Commission, Member States and stakeholders in the European audiovisual sector. Its objective is to develop a strategic policy agenda, opening new perspectives and horizons for European cinema in the midst of new digital challenges.
Ever since its launch in Berlin in 2015, the EFF has travelled to the sector’s most important festivals and events, from Cannes to Venice, from Sarajevo to Tallinn, from San Sebastián to MIPCOM. The EFF works in unison with other instruments of European audiovisual policy such as the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, copyright legislation and the MEDIA Creative Europe Programme.
The main issues on the EFF’s agenda are the synergies and complementarity of European, national and local sources of public funding, European cinema and its audience, and fostering talent
and creativity.
In 2016 the Forum continues its tour of Europe’s film capitals and will join Il Cinema Ritrovato and the ACE (Association des Cinémathèques Européennes) to discuss the cultural and economic value of film heritage and its restoration at the festival in Bologna.
An opportunity to meet a different audience of professionals, archivists and cinephiles and to celebrate the anniversaries of Il Cinema Ritrovato (thirty years), the MEDIA Programme and the ACE (both twenty-five years).


Thursday 30/06/2016