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CR KIDS | Cinemini Europe

Come along on a discovery voyage through cinema. Follow in the footsteps of deep sea explorer Jacques Cousteau, travel around the world in a very special airplane, observe everyday life in a village in Barbagia in Sardinia, witness a very unusual friendship and get to know a playground through completely different eyes. The short film program Exploring Cinema takes a young audience on a journey through 65 years of film history from all over Europe and shows the diversity of animated and documentary films in a varied way, with a focus on childhood curiosity – in cooperation with the European film education project Cinemini Europe.

Sebastian Rosenow

UN GIORNO IN BARBAGIA (Italy/1958) by Vittorio De Seta (10’)

TÉR (Hungary/1971) by István Szábo (5’)

MY HAPPY END (Germany/2008) by Milen Vitanov (5’)

MOIA MAMA – SAMOLET (My Mom Is an Airplane!, Russia/2013) by Yulia Aronova (7’)

MALY COUSTEAU (The Little Cousteau, Czech Republic/2014) by Jakub Kouril (8’)