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Martin Scorsese meets Italian filmmakers Jonas CarpignanoMatteo GarroneValeria GolinoAlice Rohrwacher.

Il Cinema Ritrovato 2018 begins under the watchful eye of an exceptional godfather, Martin Scorsese, the acclaimed master of American cinema whose films are indelibly imprinted in the history of nearly half a century of cinema. If such a thing as the ideal spectator for our festival exists, then it is he: the filmmaker who, perhaps more than any other, was nourished by cinema and who, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the work of colleagues from all countries and eras, has done most towards its restoration and dissemination. With his presence at this year’s festival, Scorsese seals his long-standing relationship with the Cineteca, which has seen the restoration of numerous masterpieces from the history of cinema and from the catalogue of forgotten world cinema, promoted by The Film Foundation and the World Cinema Project.
The director will be the guest of honour at the first Lezione di cinema of this year’s festival. Scorsese has Italian origins (his great-grandparents emigrated from the province of Palermo at the end of the nineteenth century) and he loves Italian cinema (his 1999 film My Voyage to Italy is a declaration of that love). Therefore, it is only natural that the meeting should be enlivened by the participation of four very talented Italian directors: Alice Rohrwacher, Valeria Golino, Matteo Garrone and Jonas Carpignano. 


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Photo: Courtesy Brigitte Lacombe


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Saturday 23/06/2018