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ACE Workshop – Second Session

Film Literacy
Moderator: Francesco Clerici

The second session of the workshop will focus on film education (in short) and what opportunities it offers to ACE members. We make it concrete by sharing good practices and showing relevant projects that can be used right away by cinematheques.
Film education provides people with all the skills they need to participate fully in a society dominated by visual culture. Those who master the language of film can give meaning to the film experience, and see the world and themselves in a richer perspective. Cinematheques are preserving, making accessible, contextualising and keeping alive their national, and international, film collection. With the abundance of images and films in today’s society, the guiding role of cinematheques is increasingly relevant. Cinematheques can expose and connect (about and with film): to what is historically important, and what is special, wonderful or urgent. Cinematheques can help children, young people and adults to discover the power of visual language in all its facets.

Project presentations: CinArts (Cineteca di Bologna, Cinémathèque Royale de Bélgique); CinEd (Cinemateca Portuguesa); Cinemini Europe (Eye Filmmuseum, DFF); e CCAJ (Cinémathèque française, BFI).

With: Elisa Giovannelli, Christine Kopf, Rui Machado, Adeline Margueron, Florine Wiebenga.

In collaborazione con Europa Cinemas


Thursday 22/07/2021
15:00 - 5:00 pm


Free admission upon reservation: