Fellini and many more

As we approach Federico Fellini’s centenary – he was born on January 20, 2020 – celebrations will kick off this year already, with a rich programme of films and masterclasses.
We will premiere the restoration of two brilliant mockumentaries, The Clowns – introduced by Alvaro Vitali, one of the film’s protagonists – and A Director’s Notebook, with Peter Goldfarb, NBC producer who approached Fellini with the idea for this film. The brand-new restoration of Roma, one of his most underrated films – made possible thanks to the generous support of Hollywood Foreign Press Association – will be screened in Piazza Maggiore and introduced by filmmaker Gianni Amelio. We could not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to Ferdinand Guillaume, stage name Polidor, whom Fellini loved and cast in four of his films. Italian acclaimed film critic and filmmaker Marco Giusti will present his newly released book on this great actor and circus performer. We are thrilled to welcome to Bologna celebrated journalist Vincenzo Mollica, one of Fellini’s closest friends, whose masterclass bears the unique title: Before I forget everything. Should all that not be enough, Cinemazero will gift us with four amazing documentaries made on Fellini by Gideon Bachmann, a treasure throve of footage which will reveal, like only great classics can do, that we still have a long way before we can grasp who Fellini was.